A transformer is a static device, which is responsible for the transmission of power in different voltage rating from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. It plays a major role in stepping-up or stepping down the voltage level. It is made of different components and having knowledge of each and every of its part, is compulsory to know the device better. Here are some of its basic components that you should know, so, let’s have a look at them.

  • Core: It acts as a major support of the transformer that provides a low reluctance path for the flow of magnetic flux. Its diameter totally depends on the voltage level, current and frequency as well, which is directly proportional to iron loss.
  • Winding: Another major component of a transformer is its winding made of copper. It gets classified into two different factors based on input as well as output supply, or voltage range. Most of the windings are made of copper because; it has high conductivity and ductility. This device basically has primary and secondary windings that make electricity transmission easier.
  • Insulating Materials: Basically, insulating paper and cardboard are two different insulating materials that are used for isolating primary and secondary windings with the main core. Apart from the above material, oil also falls into the same category that smoothens the working of the device and plays a vital role in improving its performance.
  • Tap Changer: It allows variable turn ratio and is mainly installed on high-voltage, low-current winding to minimize the current load during the working of the device. Its main function is to regulate the output voltage by adjusting a number of turns in one winding.
  • Cooling Tubes: As the name says, these tubes are ideal to lower down the heating level of the transformer oil. Their cooling is important to ensure the proper circulation and smooth operation of the device.
  • Explosion Vent: Explosion in the transformer is the major problems that occur due to the rise in the transformer oil temperature and to eject the boiling oil reaching the main point the use of explosion vent is compulsory in the device.

These are some of the common parts a transformer has; there are many others that you should know before investing in the same. In an order to invest in the ideal device, you first have to make a contact with the reliable company that meets your expectations and offer you the device without breaking your banks.