Thrive is offering a new feature called the VP Level Dashboard. This dashboard will display data from different platforms and departments to focus on specific needs to ultimately let executives run their organizations more efficiently. This type of dashboard enables c-level and other top executives to gain a bird’s-eye view of their business and identify strengths and weaknesses in real time, freeing them from the traditional bottleneck of manual reporting. The VP Level Dashboard pulls all this information into one place so you don’t have to log into multiple systems in order to look at over or under producing plants and/or lines.

Executive dashboards are quickly becoming absolutely essential tools for executives to keep their fingers on the pulse and performance of their company. The right dashboards pull data from throughout the enterprise making reports and metrics available at a glance and at a moment’s notice. Better still, this all happens through one intuitive portal. Thrive’s new feature does just that!

Thrive’s well-designed dashboard offers many significant advantages to the executive. First they provide broad visibility to all aspects of the plant for more control. They allow management to measure performance of everything from simple production statistics to complex ROI calculations. They save countless hours otherwise spent logging into systems, running reports and then scanning those reports for meaningful insights to help set focus and strategy. Great dashboards also allow execs to compare performance against budgets or plans, in order to leverage what is working and minimizing the weak links.

In spite of their power and complexity, top-notch dashboards are fairly quick to set up and intuitive to use. Truly, the greatest challenge that executives have with dashboards comes when it’s time to select the key performance indicators to pull from their vast expanse of data.

Here are key benefits from Thrive’s VP Level Dashboard:
Visibility: Thrive’s new feature gives you great visibility and insight. You know exactly what’s going on in all aspects of your business. This allows you to better manage it.

Ongoing Improvements: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The VP Level Dashboard allow you to measure your performance throughout your organization and thus improve it.

Time Savings: Many executives spend countless hours logging into business systems and running reports. Conversely, the right executive dashboard always shows you the latest results from each report you need. This saves precious hours each month!

Judge Performance Against Your Plan: Many executives spend time creating a business plan for their organization to follow. However, that’s just the first piece to success. The second is making sure your company is performing to your plan’s expectations. In your executive-personalized dashboard, you can automatically show your goals from your business plan versus actual, real-time results.

Employee Performance Improvements: When employees know their performance is being judged in a dashboard, and can see their results, they innately start to improve their work.